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Welcome to IC Technologies,Inc., manufacturer of the IntelliScan High Resolution Pinhole Detection System. We are the world leader in standard, off the shelf optical pinhole detector systems, and thousands of custom applications. Our devices can accurately locate and identify pinhole and other through-hole defects with a sensitivity adjustable to below 8 microns (.0003 inches) at full line speeds depending on the application. We are a trusted, 10 year supplier, currently inspecting millions of feet of material for pinholes worldwide and can offer same day service and support.

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  • Steel Strip inspection

  • Foil production lines

  • Separator Lines

  • Large flat or contoured webs up to 16 feet wide

  • Online continuous inspection

  • Battery Mfg. Industry

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  • Pharmaceutical  blisters

  • Medical device containers

  • Food Processing Packaging

  • Raw material inspection

  • Offline material roll inspection stations

  • Online indexing inspection

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  • Containers

  • Packaging

  • Food pouches

  • Foil applications

  • OEM machine builders

  • Opaque product inspection

  • Custom applications

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For any pinhole detection application not listed here, we have a team of engineers that can look at any pinhole inspection application you may have.

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Your source for the world's best selling inline pinhole detector systems. I.C.Technologies,Inc. supplies the most advanced inline pinhole detection systems available. Our IntelliScan pinhole detector systems are available off the shelf or customized to suit thousands of applications.


  L A T E S T  N E W S

IC Technologies has acquired a new manufacturing and R&D facility to better serve our growing worldwide customer base. With the additional several thousand square feet, we plan to offer many new innovative inspection systems while providing quick and responsive support...


IC Technologies,Inc introduces new models of the world's best selling pinhole detector. Please contact us today to find out more how our inline pinhole detectors can greatly increase the quality control process. From web inspection to formed foil pin hole detection, our advanced line of pinhole detectors can be custom manufactured to your requirements. Now offering pinhole detectors from 3" wide webs to over 144" wide webs....

IC Technologies secures new OEM Mfg's for private labeling of the IntelliScan allowing worldwide customers to benefit from the leader in leader in pinhole inspection systems.